Golden Treasures

Occasionally, we have dogs available for placement in a new family that are not puppies. Golden Treasure dogs are placed on an ownership contract, just like our puppies, and we require the same application process. There can be advantages to adopting older dogs, including you have more information about their adult size and personality. When we are offering a dog for placement, it is to seek the best possible life and opportunities for our dog, and also to offer a dog to an individual or family where we sincerely feel the dog will enrich their new family's life. Sometimes a Golden Treasures dog will have special needs, but we only place dogs that we know have a lot to offer. Otherwise, the dog would be staying here with us for its lifetime. And, just like our puppies, we always offer our Golden Treasure dogs a home here, if they ever need to come back.


None at this time.


"Catcher", Fur-ever Home in Sacramento, CA.

"Pixley", Fur-ever home in Fairfield, CA